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Pick Innovation

We formed Pick Innovation in order to support startups to fulfil their vision, grow fast and acheive their maximum potential. We understand the challenges faced by enterpeneurs and see our role as using our experience, professional network and global connetions with investors and financial institutions for paving their way towards acheiving success. What we are looking for are ideas that have the potential for disrupting traditional idustries as well as those which offer positive social impact, suggeting creative solutions to well identified problems. Pick Innovation is also involved in helping promissing foreign startup companies to establish themselves in the UK. 

Our Team
Lior Pick


Ze'ev Emmerich


International businessman and angel investor. Lior  (Adv. (CPA (Isr.) TEP), founder and managing director of Lior Pick & Co., Law offices, brings his contacts and wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with international institutions to the world of startups and innovation.

Innnovation expert. Having moved from

academia, Ze'ev's deep knolwledge of global trends and understanding of the startups ecosystem have served as catlysts behind the formation of new startups. Ze'ev has also been assisting startups devising their business & marketing strategies, as well as introduction to investors and strategic partners.  

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